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Discover the features and functions provided by our digital sales support platform.

Achieve the high performance you need to boost your sales

A genuine sales support tool, the Okalys touchscreen, offline sales book lets sales representatives involve their customers directly in the sales meeting.

Sales and marketing managers are fully autonomous when it comes to updating the sales book, thanks to the simple and efficient administration tools provided. With a comprehensive back office, Okalys administration methods make it possible to adapt the structure of the book to all types of businesses.

Nos fonctionnalités mises en avant ...

Retrouvez en vidéo des solutions inédites et uniques, issues de notre expertise et notre R&D, que nous offrons aux forces de vente.


Le Partage de présentations

Contrairement à d’autres solutions existantes, partager des documents à un client avec un outil d’aide à la vente n’a jamais offert autant de performances. Regardons comment Okalys révolutionne le partage de documents pour les commerciaux.


Le Ciblage client

Personnaliser le discours commercial pour garantir de bons échanges avec un interlocuteur n'est pas toujours une tâche facile. Cibler automatiquement l'information permet de personnaliser le discours en fonction de votre segmentation client et évite au commercial de présenter des informations inadaptées, confidentielles ou concurrentielles.

Offline mode

Access all content without worrying about having an internet connection or waiting for documents to load, and make a success of your sale.

Multi-device licences

Thanks to the PWA, you can connect to multiple devices with a single user licence, at no additional cost and with the same user experience.

100% autonomy

Because this is a genuine creation and distribution tool, you are entirely free to develop your content, graphics, tree structure, etc.

Real-time visualization

View the changes made to your book in real time (no need to synchronize an app to check the end result).

Context menu

Navigating the app is simplified thanks to a permanent contextual menu, meaning sales reps follow a logical and well-constructed process.

Customer targeting

Tailor the sales pitch to your customer by automatically hiding certain information. Rest assured: you will make no mistakes.

All types of documents

Import PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files, videos, images, etc. and browse them directly through our custom viewers.

Document compression

Each imported document is automatically recompressed for optimum synchronization and display. Sales reps save time during visits.

Splitting documents

Rethink your approach to navigation, adapt your content and guide your sales representatives easily by re-splitting your documents when you import them.

Full customization

Customize the app to match your image and brand style guide using intuitive editing tools (libraries, wallpapers, content editor, colours, fonts, etc.).

Content editor

In addition to the documents you import, compose pages and interfaces to position media, shapes, links, create interactivity, etc.

Managing user privileges

Strengthen the collaborative mode between marketing and sales teams and differentiate access to the sales book according to user type.

Automatic menus

Automatically build interactive menus (tile menus, carousels, vignettes, mosaics, etc.) and customize your displays.

Managing assortments

Automatically adapt your product ranges to suit your customers, including interactive visuals, technical data sheets, sales pitches, videos, and so on.

Statistics / Analytics

Measure the activity of your teams and assess whether the documents are being used properly. Align your marketing and sales strategies.

Internal info

Also use the sales book as an internal communication medium, turn it into a comprehensive tool, a real toolkit for your sales force.

Publication dates

Ensure the relevance of information and publish at the right time by setting publication dates and/or programming automatic archiving.

And many more...

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Accueil book de vente Okalys

Increase the impact of your sales force

The sales tools available to your sales representatives need to perform at the top of their game and communicate with each other to guarantee they constitute a genuine source of support.

Step up your game with the Okalys Progressive Web App (PWA)...

Our job is to offer much more than a digital sales book application. Our vision is to strengthen the value chain of the tools available to your salespeople by integrating the sales book at the core.

Everything you need, in a single solution thanks to a host of complementary features.

Connections and integrations

Create all kinds of interfacing, with varying degrees of complexity, according to your needs and optimize the ascending and descending data flows between the tools.

Content automation

Connect the Okalys digital sales support solution to your tools (servers, databases, DMS, ERP, etc.) to automate content updates

Link to websites

Automatically update your website by directly synchronizing updated information from the Okalys server.

Collecting information via forms

Fill out forms digitally in offline mode during visits and consolidate the information collected in the CRM tool to avoid re-entry and save time.

Customized presentations

Sales representatives can create and organize their own presentations to help them customize their sales visits.

Sharing presentations

Send presentations that customers can open directly in their browser and receive consultation statistics (document tracking).


Conduct your own assessment and training sessions for salespeople to validate their knowledge.


With the PWA, you can offer secure, restricted access to the sales book to visitors outside your company for consultation and downloading.

And many more...

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